CAM is launching their first ever Open Studio classes. These Open Studio classes are open
to any arts-inclined 9th-12th grade artist in the Memphis/Shelby County Metropolitan area — at no cost.


CAM’s Open Studio goals are threefold:
1. Provide more young people - outside the CAM Summer Fellowship and In-schools Programming - with the opportunity to receive hands-on art instruction and mentorship outside the classroom.
2. Provide aspiring art students with a foundation to develop and create a stellar art portfolio for college, fellowships and art exhibitions.
3. Build a pipeline of creatives for the greater community.

Each session will focus on five core class areas for our community’s high school artists. Session 1 dates are as follows:
1. College Readiness: October 7  from 2pm-4pm (Led Derek Patterson)
2. Drawing: October 21 from  2pm-5pm (Led by Marcus Watson)
3. Painting: November 4  from 2pm-5pm (Led by Amy-Beth Rice)
4. Art History: November 18 from 1pm-4pm (Led by Dr. Rebecca Howard)
5. Portfolio Documentation: December 9 from 1pm-3pm (Led by Andrea Fletcher)

Classes will be held at the University of Memphis Art and Communication building located at 3715 Central Ave. and are limited to 30 students per session. Applicants do not need to attend every class within the session — but it is highly recommended. All interested students must sign up in advance, as there are only 30 spots per class. We kindly ask that once you sign up, you keep your attendance commitment. We understand if you need to cancel — but please do so within 5 days so your space may be filled by another interested student.

Certificate & Letter of Recommendation:
Once students have completed all 5 classes, they will receive a certificate of completion. This can be used on their academic resume for college. Students who show exceptional work ethic have the possibility to receive a letter of recommendation.


Click on the link below to apply, and
please contact Derek Patterson at with any questions you may have.


Course descriptions and 2023-2024  Session II and II (save the dates) below:
College Readiness: (December 16, March 9) Application Process assistance, including slideroom sequencing, documentation and selection of artworks for best portfolio presentation.

Drawing: (January 13, March 23) Designed for students to train to solve artistic problems including line, shape and form, light and shade, detail and texture, etc. Drawing Skills Fundamental Still Life & Basic Portrait Portrait & Figure Drawing.

Painting: ( January 27, April 6) Designed to acquaint students with color theories, materials, composition, and techniques of painting. Color relationships as one of the essential features of painting will be analytically studied and explored through multiple interpretations and practices. Intro to Color System and Mixing Exercises Still Life Color Temperature Studies.

Art History: (February 10, April 13)  This course presents an introductory overview of the history of Western art from the Renaissance to the present, including works from significant artists spanning from Leonardo da Vinci to Kara Walker. It covers works in a wide array of media, such as painting, sculpture, architecture, prints, photography, performance, and the moving image.

Documentation: (February 24, April 27) The way you document your art, whether it’s with photographs, video, or scans, can make or break your application. In many cases, this documentation will be the only account of your work that an admissions department is exposed to. This session will guide fellows to learn how to document them correctly for college applications.